Did You Know – Issue 3: Patient Participation Group

You can have a say about your GP surgery!

Every GP Practice has a “Patient Participation Group”. It’s a long name but it’s a simple idea – Let’s call it PPG for short.

Our objectives: To work with the Practice to improve healthcare by making suggestions and giving feedback. We also help with communications between the Practice and Patients and encourage initiatives for healthy lifestyles.

New Members: The PPG for this Practice is working well but we need more members, particularly from Falcon, Vesey, Sutton Park, Tudor and Four Oaks surgeries. Anyone registered at any of the Surgeries is welcome to join us and you don’t need to have any special qualifications – just be a patient and over the age of 16.

Your involvement: You can contribute as much or as little as you want. There are a minimum of 5 informal meetings a year which members can usually attend to give their views and email can also be used to communicate your contributions.

Why join us? This surgery is your Primary Health Care, funded by your taxes, so if you feel you can make a contribution to improve services by joining us you are very welcome.

Enquiries: If you would like to join us or just want further information, phone Andrew on 07506 736056 or email him at xaviersaintcloud@gmail.com

This leaflet is an initiative of your Patient participation Group for your information. To join our group please phone or text Andrew on 07506-736056 email: xaviersaintcloud@gmail.com